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Free Downloadable Resources

By taking advantage of these free sales resources, you can improve your sales skills, close more deals, and achieve greater success in your sales career. So go ahead and check them out!

Client Avatar Worksheet

Elevator Pitch Tips

Priority Matrix Template

Closing Framework Examples

Biz Dev Abudance Goals Template

Networking Follow Up Hacks - Leveraging Tech for Efficiency

Storytelling Best Practices

Pregaming Intentional Networking Worksheet

Tips for Leveraging Your Personal Social Media

Annual Abudance Goals for My Life Template

Monthly Goals Reflection Template


Closing The Gender Gap on Women in Sales and Sales Leadership Panel Discussion August 9th, 2023

Play the recap virtually HERE!

Indy's first conference focused on advancing equity and belonging for women in sales careers, from CSRs & BDRs to senior leadership hosted by Rebecca Bormann Consulting. 


Rebecca was delighted to join Victoria for  deep dive into the differences between sales, marketing, and branding. We discuss strategies taught in RB Consulting’s sales cohorts  for finding your YES in sales!

Episode: Sales is About Finding Your YES! - YouTube

🔥 Get ready to discover: 

00:04:35 Sales vs Marketing vs Branding    

00:06:24 How to make selling less cringy    

00:07:06 How to overcome the fear of selling

00:08:14 Growth and Abundance Mindset    

00:10:06 Confidence as a key ingredient for selling    

00:11:27 Understanding Influence    

00:17:55 Engaging and Impactful Message    

00:19:15 Sharing Our Story    

00:20:36 Getting Out There - Networking and Prospecting    

00:23:36 Closing the Sale    

00:27:59 Phrases to use to close the deal with confidence     

00:30:30 Rebecca's Sales Cohort Details  

Sales Leadership Essentials Virtual Event by Jesse Hallock

Sales Leadership Panel featuring:  Rebecca Bormann, John Barcanic, Motti Attia, JR Ricker, and Inbal "Bali" Levy-March 


Far too many of us have had to learn these lessons the hard way. This panel will be incredibly valuable to you whether you're currently a team leader, want to be in the future, or want to better equip the sales team leads that report to you.

Status Go: Ep. 211 – Leadership Lessons from a Sales Coach | Rebecca Bormann

Status Go: Ep. 211 - Leadership Lessons from a Sales Coach | Rebecca Bormann - InterVision Systems

On Status Go June, 5th 2023, Rebecca Bormann sat down with podcase host, Jeff Ton, to explore the leadership lessons we can all learn from the sales profession. Rebecca is a sales and business development strategist who believes that emotional intelligence is key to successful sales and leadership. Her approach promotes enrolling clients in your ideas rather than just pitching to them.

Rebecca emphasizes the importance of mindset and building an abundance mindset muscle to shift away from scarcity and fear. By sharing personal experiences and “AHA” moments, we create connections that allow us to show up as our authentic selves in business and in life.

She provides practical tips for journaling and promotes the power of positivity. Rebecca also highlights the importance of personal branding, sharing that it’s not about compartmentalizing who you are, but rather showing your authentic self in all aspects of your life.


Bright Ideas Show #3 - Inspiration for Entrepreneurs on YouTube

Bright Ideas Show #3 - Inspiration for Entrepreneurs - YouTube

On this episode of the Bright Ideas Show Ryan welcomes Rebecca Bormann, owner of Rebeca Bormann Consulting. Before founding her sales consulting company, she spent 20+ years in business development/sales leadership for global organizations including Verizon Telecommunications, Verizon Business, Verizon Wireless, and Bell Techlogix. 

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