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Serving passionate, ambitious, and growth-focused organizations and professionals.

Thrive with your business development and sales goals embracing EQ + Strategy!

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Sales Consulting & Training

RB Consulting is here and excited to help you thrive with your business development and sales goals. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and stressful.  So, let's build our confidence to share our stories, find our ideal clients and close deals!

We like to summarize our sales consulting and training methodology as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Strategy.  We believe that sales is the service of finding your "yes".  By intentionally building relationships and implementing proven tools and strategies we can all thrive in sales and growing our businesses!

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Hear from trusted clients, cohort member, and colleagues:

“Rebecca Bormann has a big heart, is a consistent closer, and is a great teacher. Twice she was asked by The Startup Ladies to provide training focused on sales at Startup Study Hall. Our entrepreneurs love learning from her. She's renowned as the best tech salesperson in Indiana.“

Kristen Cooper 

CEO & Founder, The Startup Ladies

“A rock star all the way! I have worked with Rebecca for over 3 years and she is a solid sales performer, month-after-month, year-after-year. She targets her new clients carefully and builds strong, “real”, relationships with them which positions her well for new RFP responses...“

Brenda Lichtenberg

AVP Global ServiceNow Leader at Cognizant, Cloud, Infrastructure and Security 

“Where do I start? Rebecca has been a key player and influencer in growing our audience around Boss Babe Network. We've had her speak on a couple of different occasions, and our audience is always excited beforehand. They get to witness all of the amazing work she's a part of, and they remain inspired!

Mariah Oliver 

CEO & Founder, Boss Babe Network

” Rebecca’s style of training has been so helpful in revisiting some of the initial work I did around ‘my why’ and the differentiators that help my business stand out from others. The icing on the cake has been meeting other business & sales leaders who are all experiencing similar sales challenges. I love group learning and highly recommend Rebecca’s programs.”

Amy Oviedo

CEO & Founder, 

Recruiting Experiences

"One of my biggest takeaways from the cohort is the importance

of active listening. Rebecca taught us how to really listen to our clients & understand their needs so that, we can provide the best possible solution.  The power of storytelling in sales was another "aha" moment for me. Rebecca showed us how to use stories to connect with our clients on a deeper level and make our services more memorable."

Christian Harrison

Customer Experience Manager, Wispmen

Sales Cohort + Sales Tips | Rebecca Bormann


Founder of RB Consulting

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