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About us
Meet Rebecca Bormann, your company's next Fractional leadership

Meet Rebecca Bormann

As Founder and CEO of RB Consulting, Rebecca brings over two decades of distinguished experience in sales, marketing, and leadership. Her career includes pioneering business strategies and fostering growth for global tech enterprises, nonprofits, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

Rebecca likes to play BIG and has closed over $250 million in revenue so far in her career. Her ability to lead and mentor is evident in her trailblazing path, where she has consistently elevated sales professionals at every career stage.
An ardent advocate for gender equality in the workplace, Rebecca's passion for promoting equity and inclusion in business and STEM fields manifests in her active community involvement. With over 15 years on boards and advisory roles, she has made significant strides in fundraising and leadership, contributing to the momentum of organizations dedicated to making a tangible difference.​

With a motto of "lifting as she climbs," Rebecca embodies the spirit of collective progress and mentorship which mirrors core values of the clients RB Consulting serves, inclusive spaces and advancing professional and institutional growth is the passion that propels her efforts and achievements.

Meet our Partners

Amber Fields
Amber Fields, Chief Culture Officer & Partner, trueU, and Public Speaking expert, partners with us to help our clients connect their WHY to their organization's mission and values and crafting our authentic and impactful story.

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Tajuana Thewlies
Tajuana Thewlies, creator of Kind Humans, Author, Entrepreneur and Corporate Trainer at Rolls Royce is the queen of tools to be our best selves and live our best lives. Tajuana partners with us to help our clients shift their mindsets to abundance and prosperity.

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Mariah Oliver
Mariah Oliver, Founder and CEO of Behind the Screen Marketing Agency & Boss Babe Network, is our partner on all things marketing, whether that's branding, marketing strategy, website, social content, etc. You name it! She's got us covered.

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Jim Bork
Jim Bork, Founder and CEO of The Momentum Group, is our partner serving as a full-service advertising and marketing agency that focuses on brand development and support. His strengths in new media and social marketing complement his award-winning creative work in video, print and online services.

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Andrew Curtis
Andrew Curtis, Founder and CEO of Fuel VM, is our partner specializing in brand development, application, and support. He is an expert in business strategy, graphic design, Web, digital marketing, application development, User Experience, social media, and print.

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Kylie Hasenour
Kylie Hasenour, Media Development Specialist, is our partner excelling in Graphic Design, Brand Design, digital and social Design, Illustration Design, Figma UI/UX development, and Small Motion Graphics.

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Derrin Slack, RB Consulting Associate
Derrin Slack
Derrin Slack, PMP, CIP Managing Partner + CEO Know More. Father, advocate, and thought leader. Derrin specializes in training facilitation, instructional design, project management, program development, strategic planning, thought leadership, speaking, and executive mentoring.

Learn more about Derrin
Daryle L. Johnson
Daryle is the Vice President of Strategy for the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council (Mid-States MSDC), Founder of Ideation to Valuation and has more than 20 years of experience in roles focused on startups, business growth, ownership, and advisory. He has spent most of his years in business either as a diverse business owner or coaching diverse business owners with a focus on strategic business development.Daryle's industry experience spans manufacturing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, application development, IoT, and cloud computing.
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Darcy Lee
Founder & CEO of Vita Nova Consulting, is a force multiplier for leadership teams. She serves as a fractional Chief of Staff and Business Consultant, expanding leadership capacity and tackling organization-wide challenges during growth phases.
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Rebecca feels a powerful call to do her part to advance equity and inclusion for all women in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields and business. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Rebecca has also paid forward any success by engaging and investing back into her communities, specifically women in business and youth organizations such as leading the nonprofit boards of Women & Hi Tech and The Brandon Foundation. She is an Advisory Board Member for The Boss Babe Network and Shift Up Now Foundation. She is an Ambassador for The Startup Ladies and long-time Legacy Leader and mentor with Pass The Torch For Women Foundation. She is also an Outreach Committee Member for Women 4 Change, and an active member of Indy Maven and Heartland Church.

Rebecca Bormann

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