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Creating communities that lift while they climb.

We serve our clients by helping grow their sales and revenue embracing an EQ+ Strategy approach.

We deliver people-centered sales and marketing solutions and sales training services.
dynamic women-owned Indianapolis consulting firm
Why RB Consulting?
RB Consulting, a dynamic women-owned consulting firm located in the heart of Indianapolis, prides itself on delivering expert sales strategy, training, and consulting services to organizations ready to accelerate their growth and their impact.   

Our firm is founded on the principles of diversity and inclusion, ensuring these core values are embedded in our work with our clients to enhance their sales and growth trajectories. We recognize that the essence of thriving sales extends beyond mere tactics; it is rooted in a blend of mindset, understanding the psychology of agreement, message crafting skills, and storytelling excellence. Our proprietary sales methodology is meticulously designed around these crucial elements to enrich your sales strategy. 

With an earnest dedication to fostering communities that elevate each member through success, RB Consulting operates on the philosophy of 'lifting while climbing.' Our approach intertwines emotional intelligence (EQ) with strategic planning, enabling us to provide top-notch sales consulting and training services that are not just strategy-oriented but also people-focused. 

By partnering with us, you gain access to a proven path for accelerating sales and revenue, empowering you to positively influence a broader spectrum of ideal clients, thriving sales and organization growth. 

Join us to experience the transformative journey where your growth is our mission

Empower Your Growth.

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Your business deserves a sales and marketing strategy as bold and creative as your vision.  Take the first step towards transforming your business with a strategy that truly connects. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with us today, and let's explore how our unique blend of emotional intelligence and strategic expertise can elevate your sales and marketing efforts. 

Together, we'll uncover the potential of your business and chart a course for remarkable growth.

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