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Elevate your next event with Rebecca from RB Consulting

With her vibrant energy and engaging delivery, Rebecca transforms every gathering into an unforgettable experience. Leveraging her extensive background in sales and marketing, alongside 15 years of nonprofit board experience and a successful entrepreneurial journey, she brings a unique blend of insight and inspiration. Her workshops and presentations are not just talks, but catalysts for growth, focusing on the power of authentic connections, strategic innovation, and embracing individual strengths to propel both organizational success and personal achievement.

The RB Consulting team’s interactive style in their workshops and speaking sessions don't just captivate; they empower. They’re not only speakers but fervent supporters for their audience, motivating them to embrace their fullest potential and make a meaningful impact within their networks.

Some of our most popular topics Include:

Cultivating an Abundance Mindset
Your WHY Is More Important Than What Your Selling
Intentional Networking & Prospecting
Amping Up Your Digital Presence & Authentic Brand
Why Community Matters for Women in Business & STEM
Turning Your Purpose Into a Business
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