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Meet Cohort 1!

March 14, 2023
Meet Cohort 1!

Featured: Elizabeth Chapple Business name: Chapple House Therapies

Owner: Elizabeth Chapple, MA, BCBA Clinical Director, and CEO Chapple House Therapies was founded in order to make an impact on the family unit through various therapies and family coaching. Chapple House Therapies provides Autism Services, Services to families impacted by Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities, and Child and Family Welfare Services. Our goal is to achieve long-lasting outcomes for families.

  • Ideal Client: Parents of children or adults with autism or other intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • Facebook: Chapple House Therapies
  • Instagram: ChappleHouseABA

Featured: Knisha Radford Business name: Aime Toi Artistry

Title: CEO Aime Toi Artistry specializes in full body waxing, permanent makeup, and dermaplane facials. As the CEO and a licensed esthetician, Knisha's goal is to create an experience to help every person love themselves & the skin they are in. Ideal Client: Women & Men who understand self-care is essential, not optional.

  • Facebook: Aime Toi Artistry
  • Instagram: @aimetoiartistry

Featured: Taylor Canter Business name: Fuel VM Title: Art Director & Business Development

Website: www.fuelvm.com Fuel VM is an Indianapolis Marketing Agency with 20+ years of experience in Brand Development, Web Design, and every aspect of a marketing agency needed to help your business succeed. FUEL VM brings your brand to life. Through brand strategy, traditional design work, or innovative communications projects, FUEL VM connects you with YOUR customers to drive business GROWTH. Ideal Client: Organizations looking for high-touch, tailored Brand, Marketing, and/or Communications support.

  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brandingwizard/
  • Instagram: @tcanter24

Featured: Abigail Carrelli Business name: FreshRealm

Title: Account Manager

Website: www.freshrealm.com FreshRealm is passionate about fresh meals. They believe we’re all connected through meals. At FreshRealm, that connection begins with their retail partners and spans from product design to consumers’ plates. FreshRealm works with many national and regional grocery chains. Ideal Client: Grocery retailers looking to develop or enhance their fresh meal solutions to best serve their customers' meal solutions.

  • LinkedIn: ww.linkedin.com/in/abigail-carrelli- mba-ba384b98/

Featured: Cindy Schaefer Business name: New Apprenticeship

Title: Partnership Development

Website: www.newapprenticeship.com As part of Indiana's skills-based hiring initiative, TechPoint chose New Apprenticeship as their adult apprenticeship partner. NEW is a US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program, that provides employers with a simple and scalable entry-level talent solution. Tech apprentices are pre-trained to make an impact on Day 1, and receive 12 months of ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring to help them evolve into a group of future leaders that are representative of our communities, not the select few.

Ideal Client: Forward-thinking tech or tech-enabled employers who believe in skills-based training and strive to build a scalable pipeline of diverse and highly skilled talent. Connect with Cindy!

  • LinkedIn: Cindy Schaefer /New Apprenticeship

Featured: Amy Oviedo Business name: Recruiting Experiences

Title: CEO Website: www.recruitingexperiences.com Recruiting Experiences is a trusted partner for Fractional Recruiting & HR Services. They serve start-up through enterprise customers with a unique flat-fee pricing structure for permanent hires. As partners, they recruit from the inside, alongside your team to ensure a positive candidate experience. When they manage your HR needs, you can be sure your team will feel valued and your employer brand will shine through onboarding and beyond. Ideal Client: Organizations in growth-mode! Typically, with 20-200 employees and focused on permanent hiring to expand their team.

  • LinkedIn: Recruiting Experiences Amy Ovideo Facebook: www.facebook.com/RecruitingExperiences

Featured: Faith Blackwell Business name: Faith Blackwell Photography

Title: CEO Website: www.faithblackwellcreative.com Faith Blackwell Photography was founded to bring more beauty through art to our world. We work in several mediums including photography and mixed-media art. Corporate headshots, lifestyle & branding photos for individuals and organizations is one of our specialties. We love getting to know our photography clients and capturing their personalities/styles through the lens. FBP+Art focuses on mixed media pop art creations filled with bright colors & bold images inspired by culture, travel and joyful childhood memories. You can find our pieces on display in hotels, Nordstroms, local retail shops, cafes, of course in our client's homes and in our studios in the Stutz Building and Studio C. Ideal Clients: Pop art enthusiasts AND art lovers of all kinds! AND Organizations looking for high-quality business headshots and branding photography and/or who would like to purchase/rent art to enhance their spaces.

  • LinkedIn: Faith Blackwell
  • Instagram: @fb_photog_art Faith Blackwell Photography

Featured: Darcy Lee Business name: Six Feet Up Title: VP of Strategic Growth & Partnerships

Website: www.sixfeetup.com

How can Darcy & Six Feet Up serve your organization?

Here are some examples:

  • Optimized ETL pipelines for a large healthcare system
  • Helped Capital One enhance its AWS service management.
  • Helped save lives by predicting lightning strikes. Facilitated the online collaboration between autism researchers.
  • Streamlined batter storage operations. Improved genetic engineering workflows in laboratories.
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/darcylee/
  • Twitter: @DarcyMuses

Featured: Calvin Hendryx-Parker Business name: Six Feet Up

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Website: www.sixfeetup.com Six Feet Up resident AWS Hero! AWS Heroes are a select & vibrant, worldwide group of AWS experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge sharing has a real impact within the community. Thank you, Calvin, for going above and beyond to share your knowledge to make an impact for humankind and our world. Ideal Client: Impactful organizations that focus on climate action, clean energy, and initiatives that benefit humankind.

  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/calvinhp/
  • Twitter: @calvinhp
  • GitHub: https://github.com/calvinhp
  • Mastodon:@calvinhp@fosstodon.org

Featured: Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker, Business name: Six Feet Up Title: Chief Executive Officer Website: www.sixfeetup.com Six Feet Up makes the world a better place by accelerating tech leaders’ impact. Our expert engineers specialize in application development, AI, big data, and cloud technology. Six Feet Up is a woman-owned company powered by the EOS ProcessTM. Organizations like Capital One, NASA, Purdue University, and UNEP have sought out our passion for reliable software solutions since 1999. Ideal Client: Impactful organizations that focus on climate action, clean energy, and initiatives that benefit humankind.

Featured: Carol Ganz Business name: Six Feet Up

Title: VP of Client Success

Website: www.sixfeetup.com

What makes Six Feet Up stand apart from other software consulting companies?

  • EQ + IQ They hire the smartest people & invest in EQ.
  • Expert Their highly experienced engineering team provides technical leadership and is up on the latest technologies. You're always working with the “A Team.”
  • Inventive Six Feet Up doesn't rely on existing solutions. They push themselves to go further by collaborating with industry experts to solve the unsolvable.
  • Reliable Six Feet Up uses a holistic approach to Make Anything PossibleTM.
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carolganz/
  • Twitter: @crlganz

Featured: Mariah Oliver Business name: Behind the Screen Marketing (BTS) & Boss Babe Network (BBN)

Title: CEO & Founder Websites: www.btsmarketing.org and www.bossbabenetwork.org BTS Marketing Agency: We are a small marketing agency that works closely with small to mid-size companies and non-profit organizations to help improve their brand presence, strategy, social media, events, and more.

BBN is dedicated to being a platform where women feel comfortable to connect, regardless of where they are on their journey! We consist of three main functions for professional women allowing them to shop, learn and connect.

LinkedIn: Behind the Screen Marketing / Boss Babe Network

Instagram: @behindthescreenmktg @thebossbabenetwork

Featured: Christian Harrison Corporate Sales Professional & Entrepreneur Business names: Wispmen & Comrade Shop Title: Customer Experience Manager & CEO Websites: www.wispmen.com & www.comradeshop.com Wispmen strives for the best Customer Experience by providing everyday IT Solutions for your business. The Wispmen team brings over 20yrs of IT experience with services designed to help companies to bring their IT operations into the future – and stay there. Wispmen is dedicated to delivering high-speed internet, secure networks, cloud-based business phones, and AI-powered security cameras for your company. Ideal Clients: Small to Midsize businesses

Comrade Shop online store is inspired by the women who assisted in shaping Christian's confidence with different style types throughout college. They were known as the "Comrades". Each member of our group displayed a unique yet fashionable sense of style. They encouraged and inspired each other along the way and she wanted to create an atmosphere not just for my style and taste, but for all women. Ideal Clients: All women who love fashion and unique pieces!

  • Instagram: @thecomradeshop
  • Facebook: The Comrade Shop


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