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Showing up and showing out for your clients!

April2, 2023
Showing up and showing out for your clients!

Our primary focus as sales professionals or professionals focused on growing our organization (for those who prefer not to refer to themselves as sales) should be to make it ALL about our potential client. That starts with how we think about sales. At RB Consulting, we define sales as the

service of finding your “Yes”.

Your yes is your ideal client that your product/service/solution serves and provides value to. How do you find your, “Yes”? By being your authentic, engaging, and curious self AND being intentional to create community and connection in all that you do.

We start by showing up for our potential clients before we even meet them by doing the right research beforehand. Need help on what the right research is? Check out #7 on our 11 Best Sales Practices by RB (rbormannconsulting.com).

When we get to the introductory meeting, we certainly refrain from information overloading with a detailed overview of what our company’s been doing for the last 30 years or sharing the laundry list of our offerings. And while we all love talking about the NCAA Tournament, diving in about kids and pets, we respect our potential client’s time and hold back from spending 20 minutes of our 30-minute meeting talking about pleasantries. A couple of minutes will do.

Instead, we ask thoughtful and strategic questions that show we’ve done our diligence beforehand

and that we’re interested in learning more. Like, what do they enjoy most about their industry and role? We ask questions that give us a deeper understanding about our decision-makers, their business initiatives, goals, and challenges. We let the potential client know we connect with them and empathize with their situation. What’s important and needed for their team to achieve their quarterly goals and objectives? What data, social proof, and details does each decision maker care about and need to say, “Yes”? How can we help our decision-makers shine with their leadership?

We do a lot of research to stay in the know about current sales approaches and trends and the buyer wants and needs to bring the best information to you. A recent post in LinkedIn’s Sales Blog on

Modern Day selling is speaking our language when it comes to showing up and showing out for our clients, LinkedIn asked 7,000+ sellers across 11 countries… What they found is that buyers have very specific expectations of sellers.

Article Highlights We’re Here For:

  • Buyers expect sellers to do their research, understand their business, and show empathy toward a buying process that is increasingly complex and difficult.
  • Clients don’t want a “Yes Person.” You are the trusted advisor. Once you have a deep understanding of your client's situation and initiatives, be prepared to challenge, and offer new perspectives/ideas to your clients.
  • “Cold pizza is great. Cold outreach, not so much. Do your research.”
  • According to LinkedIn’s research, over 75% of buyers prefer working remotely at least 50% of the time. Show up and show out for your clients virtually just like you would in person.

“Whether speaking to someone in the same room or on the other side of the planet, it’s all about communication and connection,” Castleman said.

“Act the same way you would in a live, in-person meeting. Establish your credibility, showcase your warmth and human side, and, most importantly, be authentic. Be vulnerable. Be awkward. Clients want to connect with human beings, not robots.”

The days of a single point of contact with your client are long gone. Multithreading is a MUST to show out for your client AND to show out for your company by crushing your sales goals. This goes back to being intentional to create community and connection in all that you do. For our business-to-business sellers, get to know and create relationships with 3, 4, 5 decision-makers in your client’s organization.

Full Article: What Buyers Really Want From Sellers – And How to Give it To Them (linkedin.com)

Need help getting comfortable to show up and show out for your clients? We’ve got you!

Beyond strategic sales and marketing processes, sales professionals and corporate teams who have been knocking down their goals have something else in common. We call them foundational tools. Our cohort curriculum and consulting approach was created with these “X” factors in mind.

Our Why: We are passionate about creating community and connectedness by teaching passionate and ambitious professionals and organizations to thrive with their sales and business growth goals

with a human-centric approach.

How we do it: We’ve created a curriculum and approach that begins with what we call foundational tools: abundance mindset, relationship-building skills, and memorable, impactful messaging.

What we do: We deliver people-focused, proven Sales Training & Sales Strategy Consulting to

corporate teams, cohorts, and individuals.

Upcoming Opportunities to Invest in your Sales Skills:

COHORT 3: Hybrid

Days: Tuesdays from April 11th - June 27th

Times: Every other Tuesday 7-8:30 pm in person; Opposite Tuesdays 7-8 pm via ZOOM

Sign up to join the group: Sales Cohort | Rebecca Bormann Consulting (rbormannconsulting.com)

Cohort 4: Virtual

June 13th – August 29th

Tuesdays Noon to 1:15 EST via ZOOM

***Week of July 4th Cohort will meet Wed July 5th noon to 1:15 est

Location: Launch Fishers, 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038

Introducing our Grow & Connect Professional Development Workshop Series! Register to join us and learn about the other hot topics in our Connect & Grow Professional Development Series.

You asked for options to focus on some key business development and sales topics. Message received. Grab your seat, to learn from some of the BEST Le Executives and Professionals we know. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to network and implement your takeaways during the workshops too!

Up First: Why Relationship Selling Works!

April 26th 530 pm to 730pm @ Launch Fishers

Open to all professionals, tell a friend! Our panel of tenured People-First Leaders and Business Growth & Sales Professionals have experience in a wide range of industries. They are ready to share the key to their success of thriving in their professional careers (and life) with you. Creating life-long reciprocal relationships.

We’ll talk about tips to get to know your client, how to handle challenging conversations while maintaining a strong relationship, and what to ask to understand your client’s wants and needs. Best practices to learn your client’s buying process and how they make decisions, balancing personal and professional talk, and the mindset of putting your client first.

Meet Our Experts:

  • Ali Mohandespour Enterprise Sales Manager at Comcast Business
  • Ariel Ream Senior EdTech Sales Professional
  • Patricia McDaniel - National Award-Winning Executive Healthcare Professional
  • Wayne Patrick Chief Revenue Officer at AIS LLP

Need our Services?

Business Development and Sales Consulting Services:

We partner with organizations to help develop and implement proven sales and outreach strategies aligned with your organizational goals to best reach and serve your ideal clients. (Project-based and Fractional Chief Sales/Revenue Officer models available)

Sales Strategy

o Company Why, How & What

o Ideal client avatars & buyer's journey

o Lead Gen channels and strategies

o Community Building/Brand Awareness

o Sales Professionals Social Media Strategy

o Messaging and Storytelling

o Evaluate and recommend web, lead gen, and sales collateral for effectiveness and current market trends

o Sales team training and coaching

o Strategic partner to aid in evaluating and interviewing sales professionals to grow your high-performing, passionate, client-first business development/sales teams.

If you find it valuable to connect to discuss your organization’s sales strategy needs, schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us. We’re always happy to connect and evaluate together if partnering is a good fit. https://calendly.com/rbbizdevconsulting/rb-consulting-introductory-consultation-meeting


Are you a member of the Boss Babe Network or the Startup Ladies? Well, HELLO! You receive a 20% discount on our Cohorts. Learn more below:


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