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RB's Book Review | Intentional Unicorn: Bring your authentic self to thrive in life and career

February 6, 2023
RB's Book Review | Intentional Unicorn: Bring your authentic self to thrive in life and career

Book: Intentional Unicorn: Bring your authentic self to thrive in life and career.

Author: Jennie Lopez

We've all set new goals for the New Year, and reading more was on our list. In doing such, we thought it'd be great to highlight some of the great reads we're discovering, so you all can tap in too!

Jennie lives in our hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. She is head of Global Talent

Acquisition at Eli Lilly & Company, speaker, bestselling author, dancer, and fitness instructor.

I love this book for many reasons! It resonates for me both personally and professionally

and has wonderful stories and advice all throughout the book to encourage us to be our whole,

unique selves in all we do. When I think about it from my sales professional perspective, there are many impactful takeaways for creating relationships, being resourceful, thriving in sales, and achieving our business development goals. I’m excited to share a couple of them with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Continually create a network you can pour into and that pours into you. “There is power in the network and finding your tribe. When you find a tribe where you can be yourself, one that is empowering, and is built on trust nothing can stop you. This environment expedites learning and enriches growth.”
  • “Commitment transforms that promise to yourself into a reality.”
  • Check in with where your focus is. “It’s not about time management but focus management. Where your focus goes is where your energy flows, helping you achieve what you are thriving for.”
  • Connect with people on a human level .“Be curious and ask what is your story?”
  • To be the best version of ourselves for our clients, team, and family, we have to take care of ourselves. “When you prioritize yourself, you prioritize everyone you love.”

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