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Own Your Brand Show with Victoria Odekomaya on YouTube Premiered Aug 7, 2023

Rebecca was delighted to join Victoria for deep dive into the differences between sales, marketing, and branding. We discuss strategies taught in RB Consulting’s sales cohorts for finding your YES in sales! Episode: Sales is About Finding Your YES! - YouTube Get ready to discover: 00:04:35 Sales vs Marketing vs Branding 00:06:24 How to make selling less cringy 00:07:06 How to overcome the fear of selling 00:08:14 Growth and Abundance Mindset 00:10:06 Confidence as a key ingredient for selling 00:11:27 Understanding Influence 00:17:55 Engaging and Impactful Message 00:19:15 Sharing Our Story 00:20:36 Getting Out There - Networking and Prospecting 00:23:36 Closing the Sale 00:27:59 Phrases to use to close the deal with confidence 00:30:30 Rebecca's Sales Cohort Details
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